Email Design Testing and Optimisation

Any strategy for an email programme should include the regular testing of master templates and individual design components to ensure that they render successfully across a variety of email clients and devices. This chapter discusses the benefits of pre-deployment testing and looks at how AMP for Email could impact email design. Design render and pre-deployment […]

6 minute read

Layout Elements for Email Design

Good email design should provide the reader with options and encourage them to act. Large, clickable headlines make it easy for customers to select items of interest, while subscription options allow them to tailor communications to their preferences, enabling emails to be more personalised and relevant. The following table lists key layout elements marketers can […]

4 minute read

Considerations for Email Design

When designing an email, it is vital to consider who will be reading the email. Email marketers should ensure they think about the different reading requirements and cultural differences of audience segments. Designing for accessibility Accessibility has become a pressing issue as awareness of the difficulties many email subscribers have in reading and interacting with […]

7 minute read

Best Practice for Email Design

The design of an email needs to take both technical and creative considerations into account, from the placement of elements to the use of code to ensure emails render correctly. This chapter looks at best practice for email design. ‘Above the fold’ and ‘below the fold’ These terms come from newspaper design and refer to […]

15 minute read

Master Templates for Email Design

Marketers do not have to reinvent the wheel every time they want to send a new message. Every successful email marketing programme makes use of well-designed templates. These will have been tested for functionality across multiple email platforms and devices, and they can be modified in terms of content and messaging. This chapter discusses the […]

10 minute read

Layout and Creative in Email Marketing: A Summary

The goal of good email design is to design for conversions, not merely aesthetics. The combination of these two principles has elevated email design to both an art and a science. The science guides the construction of an email message, from the coding to the layout and the rendering. The art is in bringing all […]

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graphic showing trends for 2024

Econsultancy’s digital and marketing trends for 2024

We’ve published a list of digital and marketing trends every January at Econsultancy for well over a decade, and have been training marketers for the better part of 20 years. Looking back at some of our annual predictions since 2010, three types of trend stand out: Trends that feel nostalgic, ideas that quickly became amusing […]

2023 trends

Econsultancy’s digital and marketing trends for 2023

What are the overarching trends that will define how marketers will think and act in 2023, and the challenges and opportunities they will face? We explore four key trends. For some more channel-specific predictions, see our previous expert roundups on ecommerce, personalisation, retail media, influencer marketing, SEO, and social ads. Our trends for 2023: 1. […]