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Monthly and Quarterly Trends Reports

The Digital Transformation Monthly

This series distils the most important transformation stories across industries into a compendium of what business leaders need to know.

The Ecommerce Quarterly

This series of presentations by Econsultancy curates the latest trends, developments, and statistics in ecommerce.

Digital Shift

This quarterly digital trends webinar from Econsultancy, is intended as a guide to support strategic thinking.

The Social Quarterly

This series of presentations by Econsultancy curate the latest trends, developments and statistics in social media.

Latest briefings

The rise of Pinduoduo: How a group buying app grew to rival Alibaba

Even if you haven’t heard of Pinduoduo, a budget online marketplace that currently ranks among China’s top ecommerce platforms, you’ve probably heard of its overseas equivalent, Temu. Since its launch in the United States in September 2022, Temu has expanded aggressively into dozens of other markets, and made waves with its omnipresent marketing and advertising, […]

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Will Search Generative Experience (SGE) really transform web search?

The date for a full roll-out of Google’s Search Generated Experience (SGE) is currently unknown. With the thorny issue of hallucinations and publishers potentially feeling alienated, not to mention generative AI not proving to be a major winner in search for rival Microsoft, what’s next for SGE?

Analyst Sessions

Our expert-led analyst sessions bring to life the latest research, trends and best practice in an interactive format, while helping to put your organisation’s challenges into context. From intimate ‘lunch and learns’ through to global live streams and internal marketing conferences. Included in all Enterprise subscriptions.

Analyst Sessions – H1 2024

Content Foundations and Evolution

This session will discuss how content can support business objectives at every stage of the purchase funnel and explore how it is changing – from the maturation of the creator economy to the impact of AI.

Creative Excellence and Transformation

This session will explore the power of creativity in driving transformation and effectiveness for a brand and how AI and automation can support marketers in making time to be creative.

AI across the Customer Journey

This session will explore the ways in which new AI-powered capabilities and enhancements are changing what is possible for customers and marketers.

Digital Trends

This session examines the most significant marketing, digital and behavioural trends that will drive marketing strategy in 2024 and beyond.

Ecommerce Trends and​ Best Practice

This session evaluates the trends facilitating the acceleration of ecommerce and offers guidance for ecommerce planning and best practice. ​

Latest articles

Loyalty programmes will increasingly ‘hinge on personalisation’: Eagle Eye’s Sarah Jarvis

Sarah Jarvis is Communications and Propositions Director at Eagle Eye, a software-as-a-service loyalty specialist working with retail, travel, and hospitality brands. Having spent more than a decade and a half working in retail marketing and loyalty, Jarvis has well-formed opinions on what makes a great, and not-so-great, loyalty scheme – and the experience to back […]

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