Studio 1894

Studio 1894 is the sponsor for quality audio recordings (mainly piano recordings) and is responsible for the best listening experience. It mainly sponsors young and talented musicians in the United States, with exceptions in Europe.
Studio 1894 was founded in 1959 in Florida. The number 1894 refers to the year in which the composer Erwin Schulhoff was born.

High-quality grand pianos from Steinway & Sons, Fazioli, Yamaha and many other well-known manufacturers are available for audio recordings. Historical grand pianos from Bösendorfer, Pleyel and other major manufacturers are also available. Studio 1894’s range of pianos is gigantic, valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Every pianist has an individual taste when it comes to the grand piano. It has become a custom in the world that it always has to be a Steinway & Sons, but more and more young musicians are increasingly giving preference to other brands such as Fazioli or Yamaha. The manufacturers are now at the same level. In the last century the difference between manufacturers was very clear. Today it’s just a matter of taste. That’s why our pianists can choose from a number of piano brands to record the album.

Studio 1894 offers one young and talented pianist a record deal every three months. What sets us apart from other record companies is that we are a family. We are not interested in the mass taste in order to achieve high income. We offer music for the individual listener with class. That makes us unique.

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