Virtuoso Music Awards

The Virtuoso Music Awards are music awards for talented independent musicians. The ceremonies take place every year on October 17th, the anniversary of Frédéric Chopin’s death.

1 – Trouper Award
2 – Artist of the Year (*Category I, II and III)
3 – Young Artist of the Year (*Category I, II and III)
4 – Release of the Year (Baroque and Viennese Classic)
5 – Release of the Year (Romantic)
6 – Release of the Year (New Music)
7 – Release of the Year (Jazz)
8 – Best Live Performance Award
9 – Innovation Award

*Category I – Baroque / Category II – Viennese Classic / Category III – Early Romantic / Category IV – Romantic / Category V – Late Romantic / Category VI – New Romantic / Category VII – New Music / Category VIII – Jazz

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