Travel to Barcelona, Spain – Picasso Museum

Spain is a country, a part of the European continent, both of which are over flowing with museums, living and/or established specifically for this purpose. So why do I single out this average size museum amongst all the living Castles and large museums with very recognizable names. Could this be due to the single artist that this museum represents? Or is it possibly due to … Continue reading Travel to Barcelona, Spain – Picasso Museum

Do Your Dreams Have a Hidden Meaning?

Dreams, what are they? Dreams come from your subconscious mind as a means of processing and sorting information. But the truth is no one really knows what causes dreams and why some folk seem to have vivid colorful dreams and others have short uneventful ones. Dreams mainly occur during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. REM occurs every one and a half hours during the sleep … Continue reading Do Your Dreams Have a Hidden Meaning?

Paris Off the Beaten Path: Try Small Museums

Small Paris museums offer you an alternative to the large venues when you wish to avoid the crowds there. See which museums to visit here. Fan of Klimt, Schiele & Co., I recently wanted to take a leisurely look at the Grand Palais blockbuster exhibition on Vienne 1900. I picked a weekday mid-afternoon, assuming I could whizz in and loiter through. Oops! I lined up … Continue reading Paris Off the Beaten Path: Try Small Museums

Best Beaches in Florida

Fort De Soto Beach is a historic fort built during the Spanish-American War located on Mullet Key. This 900- acre park has 7 miles of beaches, 2 fishing piers, picnic and camping areas, a small history museum and a 2,000-ft. nature trail. Florida’s Gulf Coast, Caladesi is one of the few remaining large undeveloped barrier islands in Florida, and is only accessible by boat. It … Continue reading Best Beaches in Florida

London calling

It’s hard to be hip – the endless guest-lists, the parties, the best seats in restaurants – but that’s not the half of it. It’s a very serious business indeed, calling (not unlike therapy) for years of total commitment and relentless hard work. London has been characterized as one of Europe’s ‘hippest’ cities: for the inveterate traveller it’s a dream come true! If you’re looking … Continue reading London calling