Top Ten Sights in Pompeii, Italy

Nowhere else in the world can you get the expansive feel of walking back in time as in Pompeii. Although archeologists have only excavated a small slice of the area, today visitors can enjoy abundant sights within the ancient Roman city. Here are my picks of top ten sights to see in Pompeii.
The Forum: Walk from the ticket entrance through the Sea Gate and you reach the Forum. Mt. Vesuvius is in the distance. In 79A.D. this active volcano spewed pumice into the sky and created the frozen city we see today. The Forum is surrounded by public buildings, including the Temple of Jupiter, the Temple of Apollo, a storehouse with pottery and plaster casts, as well as a market where the woolen cloth guilds once sold their wares. The Temple of Apollo is the oldest in Pompeii, dating back to the 6th century B.C. The largest edifice in the Forum, the Building of Eumachia, was sponsored by a wealthy female priestess of Venus.
The Brothel: Situated on Brothel Lane, the brothel has a small hallway with several bedrooms to the right and left. Inside these bedrooms are broad slabs. This was the largest brothel of the city, run by a woman (known as a leonine), but prostitutes in Pompeii were everywhere. Prices ranged from two to eight sesterces (a portion of wine cost one sesterces) and the earnings usually went to the leonine. The frescoes show many different sexual positions and it’s thought that perhaps a man would point to one of the pictures before entering a bedroom, letting the prostitute know what kind of service he would enjoy for the night.
Via dell’Abbondanza: The liveliest street in Pompeii, the name was made up by archeologists along with every other street name in the city. We don’t actually know what the Romans called these roads. Follow this street to see the dolia (terracotta receptacles) in shops that sold all manner of food. Pompeii was most famous for its garum, or fish sauce.
The following ‘must-see’ houses are along this road. (But remember, there are more you can discover along your walk.): The House of the Chaste Lovers is named for a fresco depicting two couples reclining and dining. The front of this building was a bakery and the mules lived in the house. They drove the millstone for grinding wheat. A mule carcass was found in situ, showing how the owners ran in haste during the eruption, leaving their animals behind. House of the Painters had a cadre of professional painters were in the middle of painting lavish frescoes in this home when Mt. Vesuvius erupted. They hopped up and left without their brushes and paints. From this we catch a glimpse of how painters created their frescoes. The Thermopolium of Vetutius Placidus was a restaurant and the owner’s house was in the back. You can walk inside to see a Rape of Europa fresco in the garden triclinium. (A triclinium was the place where Romans ate their meals, probably reclining on long couches.)
The Amphitheater: At the far end of Pompeii, the earliest stone amphitheater in the ancient world could hold up to 20,000 spectators. Adjacent to it was the training space for gladiators, surrounded by porches, and a swimming pool in its center. Gladiators were often slaves or condemned criminals. A lanista or a troupe manager controlled when the gladiators performed. He also scouted for new recruits and acquired animals from distant parts of the empire. Behind the Amphitheater, the Via dei Sepolcri was lined with tombs. Marble statues of families can still be seen above their tombs along with Latin inscriptions. The priestess Eumachia’s tomb is the largest.
Garden of the Fugitives: A vast number of plaster casts lie next to these vineyards in a large glass case. Giuseppe Fiorelli, director of the Pompeii digs in the late 19th century, invented the plaster cast method. He poured liquid plaster into a cavity left in the bed of ashes by the gradual decomposition of the victim’s body. As the plaster solidified, it reproduced the body’s shape.
The Great Theater and Small Theater: Pompeii was a theatrical town. Many houses were decorated with images from the stage. The pantomime was a major attraction in Pompeii and busts of Caius Norbanus Sorex, a mime actor, can be seen throughout the city. These two theaters are mammoth and still impress visitors today.
Temple of Isis: The number of gods and goddesses in the ancient world likely numbered more than the living human population of Pompeii. The debates Romans would have with each other over religion would revolve around whether they did actually take human form and when & why they intervened in human lives, but generally there were no tenets of belief. Instead, religious worship centered around communal animal sacrifice. The Isis temple here was built at the end of the 2nd century B.C. and two other Egyptian deities were honored within the niches.
The Forum Baths: Wherever there is Roman culture, there is a Roman bath. Here, Pompeiians exercised, steamed, swam, gamed, or enjoyed barber services. The baths were a social leveler too, only the richest having their own private baths at home. The baths had a changing room (apodyterium), a room for a cold bath (frigidarium), lukewarm bath (tepidarium), and a hot bath (caladium). Just across the street from the exit of the forum baths, make sure to see House of the Tragic Poet that has an impressive mosaic of a barking dog with the words Cave Canum – “Beware of Dog.”
House of the Faun: The largest of all the villas and the most famous, this wealthy dwelling had airy rooms and some indications of indoor baths, toilets, and kitchen areas. Visitors can see an accurate copy of a 2nd century B.C. dancing faun in bronze. Most impressive is the mosaic – using somewhere between 1.5 and 5 million tiny stones or tesserae – depicting a battle between Alexander the Great and the Persian King Darius. This house is also the oldest, built in the late 2nd century B.C.
Villa of the Mysteries: Frescoes with deep red colors depict Dionysian or Orphic initiation rites at the Villa of the Mysteries. Interestingly, recent research at La Sapienza University in Rome has revealed that many of the reds we see in Pompeii were once yellow and turned dark red as a result of exposure to hot gases during the eruption.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit France

With over 80 million tourists a year, France is the most visited country in the world. Here are the top five reasons why people from all over the world visit France – the very same reasons you should be planning your own French holidays, too.
1. The Most Romantic Place on Earth
France arguably has more romantic spots than anywhere else in the world. These include stunning gardens such as the world-famous gardens of Versailles, where kings and queens once walked, the gardens of Latour-Marliac in Giverny, which provided the inspiration for one of Claude Monet’s most famous paintings and the Loire Valley, which, with all its golden sunflowers, is a huge garden in itself – all of which are perfect places for a stroll with your loved one. There are also many fairy tale castles for you to tour, such as the Chateau de Chambord, Cheverny Castle and Fontainebleau Castle and you can even spend the night in one if you like.
Of course, you should also spend some time in Paris when you visit France on a romantic getaway. After all, the city is synonymous with romance. Savor the breathtaking views from the top of the Eiffel Tower, walk hand in hand along the Seine – while stealing a French kiss or two, or simply sit side by side in a small cafe and watch the city go by.
2. Gourmet Dining
It is a well-known fact that French cuisine is one of the world’s most popular cuisines, as well as one of the most refined. True, you can easily find a French restaurant in many corners of the world, but nothing still compares to eating fois gras, coq au vin, ratatouille, bouillabaisse, souffle, eclairs or ganache in one of the best restaurants in France. For a truly gourmet dining experience, reserve a table at one of the country’s Michelin three-starred restaurants, like Guy Savoy, Le Meurice or Plaza Athenee.
Be sure to order wine with your meal, since France also produces the best wines – whether red, white, or sparkling wines. You can also visit various wine estates and cellars during your French holidays in the regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne so you can see how wines are made while treating your tastebuds to a wine-tasting escapade. And if you like cognac, you should try it at the town where it originated.
3. World-Class Art Museums
France is home to the Louvre, the world’s most famous museum, which, in turn, is home to over 30,000 priceless works of art. Its collection of paintings is the most impressive, containing masterpieces by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Caravaggio and Rembrandt, although it also has various sculptures and artifacts from ancient Egypt and Greece. Aside from the Louvre, you should also drop by the Musee d’Orsay, which houses Monet and Renoir masterpieces among others, as well as the Musée National d’Art Moderne at the Centre Georges Pompidou, when you visit France. You can view exceptional works of art at the Palace of Versailles, too, and in many galleries outside Paris such as the Musee d’Unterlinden in Colmar.
4. Shopping
For the ultimate shopping experience, you should definitely come visit France. You will find many fashionable shops on the streets of Paris, particularly world-famous boutiques selling the best and latest in shoes, bags and clothes and fashion accessories. The specialty food shops are just as popular, such as the pastry and cheese shops, although you won’t be able to bring these home as souvenirs. For more unique finds and better bargains, don’t be afraid to try the Saint Ouen Flea Market and other flea markets in Paris and other cities, though you should be mindful to come early and be on guard against pickpockets.
5. Beautiful Beaches
Many tourists visit France for its beaches, and why not, when its beaches offer fine sands, sparkling Mediterranean waters, spectacular scenery and great facilities? Most of the fine beaches in France can be found on the Cote d’Azur or the French Riviera, particularly near the cities of Cannes and Nice, such as the St. Tropez Beach and the Villefranche sur Mer, although you can also find great beaches on the coasts of Brittany and Normandy, as well as on the Atlantic coast, like Biarritz.

Famous Places to Visit in Slovakia

The Slavic, Central European nation of Slovakia may not be at the the surface of the list of preferred holiday destinations, but it’s not with out specified charms. With its mountainous terrain, it can be ideal for skiing, hiking, mountain climbing and snow boarding. Particularly, the High Tatras in Slovakia, which form an area of the encompassing Carpathian mountain range, provide wonderful opportunities for these pursuits. Chairlifts and cable cars ply the alpine valleys, helping to make it become a fashionable traveler spot.
In addition to its impressive mountain haunts, Slovakia likewise has numerous castles with medieval exhibits, and wooden churches and ancient log cottages treasured as heritage websites. It too boasts of quite a few zoological gardens, parks, museums, spa retreats, folk theaters and old-town cafes. Holidaymakers are slowly discovering these attractions, and many are pleased to learn that exploring Slovakia just isn’t as pricey as touring the more liked destinations in Europe. Thus, much more and more visitors appear each year in Slovakia, averaging half a million annually recently.
The funds of the Republic of Slovakia is the quaint town of Bratislava. This beautiful town has a wealthy cultural existence however untainted with commercialism. Here, a single can happily go on his way without having jostling by means of noisy throngs of holidaymakers.
There are some 50 museums in Slovakia, the best known of that is the Slovak National Museum in Bratislava. Its exhibits on Slovak history and archaeology will certainly fascinate the visitor, who will then discover, among other things, the country’s rich folk arts and crafts. Slovakian craftsmen excel in glass painting, woodcarving and fabric weaving, which over several centuries are popular rural activities. Folk architecture is another cultural achievement, as evidenced by Slovakia’s wooden churches and vividly colored houses that dot the countryside.
Other than museums, Slovakia has many theaters that promote traditional conventional music and the operatic arts. Folk music has prolonged been an important part of Slovakian tradition. It really is touted as one or more of the earliest and most original of all Slavic and European folk traditions, with its roots going all the way back towards the ninth century.

10 Reasons to Visit the Czech Republic

If you’ve been tempted to visit the Czech Republic, then you might already have been. If you haven’t been yet, this is what you’re missing out on.
1. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With over a millennium of history it’s not surprising there are many museums, and galleries to see.
2. Thanks to it’s history, this country is home to 12 UNESCO sites, which goes to show how important the unique heritage of this country really is.
3. There are lots of castles and churches to visit too, and no matter where you are in the country, you’ll be able to find incredible architecture and impressive buildings.
4. Natural parks are important here too, and if you like wildlife, and enjoy walking or just watching, then there are lots to choose from all over the country. This could be the perfect place for you.
5. As well as the history and the culture, there are over 70 golf courses, so you’ll want to bring your golf clubs with you.
6. Thanks to the outstanding scenery, cycling holidays in the Czech Republic are increasingly popular. No matter whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride and want to take in the views, or will be leading your cycling club on a more demanding ride, if you’re a cyclist, you’ll definitely want to ride whilst you’re here.
7. As well as the golf and cycling facilities, there are several ski resorts in the country. If you’re fed up with expensive and overcrowded winter holidays, why not come skiing here for a change?
8. If you want to get away from it all, or perhaps recover after a round of golf or a day in the saddle, why not visit one of the many spas in the country? You’ll find it the perfect way to relax, especially if you think that a holiday is time to do less, not more.
9. Czech beer is legendary, and if you’ve never experienced it in it’s home country, then you really are missing out. You’ll also find great food and wines here, as well as a warm welcome.
10. Because there are lots of things going on at all times of year, you’ll find plenty to see and do no matter what time of year you decide to fly to the Czech Republic.
Now you know more about what there is to see and do here, perhaps now is the time to book your flights to the Czech Republic, and experience this amazing country for yourself.

Traveling to Spain Is Incredible

Located on the west side of Europe, Spain is a beautiful country; diversified and filled with attractions, Spain shares the famous Iberian Peninsula with Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar. Spain is a nation of massive cultural and geographical diversity, commonly a shock for vacationers who are hoping to come across a country mostly recognized for its beach tourism. If you choose to travel to the Spanish territory, you’ll meet in your way much more than you would expect. The green valleys, snowy mountains, beautiful hills and lush meadows will surely manage to impress you. Its seashores are likewise well-known and really worth traveling to. The western and south part of Spain is entitled with beautiful coasts and famous beaches, while the North side is more compact and relaxing entitled with creeks and appealing wastelands.
Every year Spain manages to gather millions of international travelers. The amazing places of interest, engaging activities and welcoming accommodations have really turned Spain into an ideal summer spot. Madrid, the capital is positioned in the center of the country. Also known as the heart of Spain, Madrid is directly linked to the main provinces. It has a well developed cultural and financial history and it is a city worth admiring. Moving a bit south, we get to Barcelona, the favorite city of tourists from around the world. Aside from being extremely developed, Barcelona is the perfect combination of urbanism, technology and beach resort. Here tourists have a lot of activities to try out and most of them are linked to water sports. So as to describe Spain in a couples of words, you should know that the territory is just magic; topped with flamenco dancers, bullfighters and sangria drinks, the country is definitely a place to take into account whenever you’re getting ready for a summer retreat. Yet, Spain is not just about the coastlines. The north side of the country is covered in emerald mountains beautiful castles and interesting medieval towns.
Some of Spain’s most famous destinations apart from the main land are islands of the Canaries, Mallorca and Ibiza. As part of the Canary Islands we distinguish Tenerife, the biggest island and the most famous. Some beautiful places to admire in Tenerife are Puerto de la Cruz, Los Cristianos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Playa de las Americas. Tenerife is a beautiful summer destination with breathtaking landscapes and appealing places of interest. Within the island, you’ll come across numerous engaging resorts and summer spots to take advantage of.
Another popular destination in Spain is the island of Gran Canaria, also a part of the Canary Islands archipelago. With nearly 8 million inhabitants, the destination is a fabulous location for a summer getaway. Additionally called a continent in miniature, Grand Canaria comes along with endless beaches, beautiful dunes, picturesque village and abundant vegetation. Las Palmas and Play del Ingles are 2 of its most crowded locations. Every year millions of travelers come to Grad Canaria to enjoy the weather and try out the array of water activities. For family enthusiasts, the best locations on the island are Maspalomas- an old fashioned touristic town and Meloneras. Enjoy your retreat, have some real fun choose to come back some day to Gran Canaria. The location is indeed mesmerizing. The beautiful natural attractions and the breathtaking scenery will convert your adventure into the ultimate experience.
Teenagers and young people who want to party all night long should definitely check out Puerto Rico as well. Here the beach parties, water activities and thrilling sports are constantly attracting more students every year. Additionally, you can rent a boat and go off shore to enjoy dolphin watching, wind surfing or sailing. Fuerteventura is also an exceptional island of the Canaries you might want to take a closer look at. The UNESCO reserve is ideal for tourists who want to explore the hails and esteem the unusual beaches. Caleta de Fuste is a beautiful summer resort in Fuerteventura. Mostly preferred by couples, the place is quiet and tranquil usually appropriate for those who want to be alone.
Although all the above mentioned destinations were pretty engaging for a summer escapade, Spain’s centerpiece in terms of beaches is definitely Mallorca. Entitled with numerous clubs, luxury resorts and smooth coastlines, Mallorca is a paradise of Spain that gathers unlimited tourists every year. As soon as you get here, remember to visit the most important places, namely Santa Ponsa, one of the best beaches and Palma, the main city.

Portugal – A Country For Every Kind of Taste

If you are thinking about visiting this beautiful country on southern Europe, you need to know which regions should be in all Portugal vacation packages. If you aren’t able to visit all of them in one trip, even better because it means you will come back.
North – Besides its colorful villages, this region of Portugal is known for its natural beauty, with a lot of green areas, perfect for those who like Nature. This part of the country is ideal for people that enjoy good food and wine. The origins of the internationally famous Port wine lie on northern Portugal. On the river Douro’s shores, you can enjoy the harvest and even participate in the jam of this superb wine.
Center – The center of Portugal has so many different regions that it seems almost impossible that they all belong to the same country. From Coimbra, the city of Roman origin, to the coastline with magnificent beaches where you can eat delicious fish caught every morning by Portuguese fishermen and Serra da Estrela where people around the country go to ski in winter, this country has everything to make your stay memorable.
Lisbon – There is so much to talk about Lisbon that it’s necessary to dedicate this city a whole article, so we are going to focus on the region where the capital of Portugal is situated, which can’t be left out of a journey around the country. Up north, we find Fatima, a mandatory place of pilgrimage for those who are Catholic but even those who don’t believe in God or have other religion, can overlook the mysticism of this sanctuary. Other place you can’t miss during your vacations is the magical town of Sintra with a marvelous view over the ocean and over Lisbon close to the river Tagus.
Alentejo – This quiet region is known for the high temperatures in the summer and the calmness of its inhabitants. With lovely and almost desert beaches along the coastline, the Alentejo has plain fields covered by olive trees, vineyards and flocks of sheep. Evora, famous for the Temple of Diana, which proves the passage of the Romans through the town is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. All over the town you can see gothic and renaissance churches which show the mix of cultures that were in the origin of the town.
Algarve – The southern coast of Portugal is a touristic place being much visited both by Portuguese people and foreigners during their vacations. Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, the Algarve is known for its mild weather almost all year and for its fantastic beaches. One of Algarve’s main attractions is the large offer of golf courses, which makes this region one of the favorite destinations for those who practice this cities and villages reflect the heritage left by the Arabic presence in the territory, present in the architecture, namely on the chimneys of the houses known for its geometrical shape.
Islands – Besides the mainland, Portugal possesses two archipelagos, the Madeira and the Azores. The island of Madeira is a charming holiday destination mainly because of the mild weather, which results from the Golf water currents that bathe the region. Amazing landscapes characterized by mountains contrast with the exuberant green of the vineyards, the bananas plantations and other crops. The archipelago of Azores has nine islands where you can discover a superb flora of European and Mediterranean origins. The Azores is a paradise of forests, which cover great part of the mountains of almost all nine islands.

Make Your Way Through the Greek Islands by Ferry!

There is no doubt that Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. “The Jewel of Mediterranean,” as it has been previously called, has the tenth longest coastline in the world at 14,880 km (9,246 mi) in length, featuring an enormous number of islands (approximately 1400, of which only 227 are inhabited). Millions of tourists visit Greece every year (mostly during the summer months) and leave the country with many wonderful memories that are hard to forget.
I am convinced that any traveler that has visited Greece will surely tell you about the natural beauty of the country and about its rich cultural background. Most travelers visit the Greek Islands because they combine all the assets mentioned above plus they have wonderful beaches where the traveler can enjoy swimming.
There are many ways that a traveler can access the islands. He can either go there by air (most major Greek Islands have airports) or by sea. Although the idea of traveling by plane can be rather tempting and comfortable, it can also be rather expensive. Moreover, another good idea is taking a cruise to the Greek islands – however it can also be rather expensive and does not give you the freedom to explore the islands by yourself.
In my opinion, the most enjoyable way to travel through Greek islands is by ferry. Traveling by ferry is most suitable for the kind of traveler that loves the sea and considers ferries as part of his holiday. These people are the lucky ones who can treat a long ferry journey as a fun thing to do, rather than a business traveler who just wants to get to his destination as quick as possible. The ferries in Greece are modern, fast and comfortable.
No matter in which way you decide to visit Greece and regardless of the time of the year Greece surely give you some unforgettable experiences…

7 Reasons Why Iceland, Land of Fire and Ice, Should Be on Your Vacation List

1. One of the reasons why an Iceland vacation is so popular, and should not be missed, is that the country is dotted with hot springs and thermal pools which are often perfect for bathing in. These may seem like an unusual contrast in areas where there is plenty of snow and ice, and they make a unique bathing attraction which brings in visitors from around the world.
2. There are a large number of both geysers and glaciers in Iceland, and these are fascinating to see. Many of the glaciers are enormous, and there are geysers that can be found in some unexpected spots. These natural formations and geyser activity may not be seen often in other areas of the world, but in Iceland they are seen very frequently.
3. Another reason that an Iceland vacation should be on your short list of possible destinations is the population of this country. The people are known to be very welcoming and friendly, yet tough and independent at the same time. Friendliness is a national attribute, and a stay in this country will make you feel right at home.
4. You can arrange for an Iceland vacation that can fit in almost any budget, from one which is small and modest to one that is large and includes a number of luxury preferences. There are many different levels and price ranges for every aspect of your stay, including your lodging, food, drinks, and others. Whether you are on a tight allowance or you have an unlimited supply of cash you can have a great time here.
5. The incredible night life in Iceland is almost unbelievable. Many of the bars and clubs do not open until midnight or later, and then they do not close until 8am or later. The visitors and locals both will go from one establishment to the next, enjoying great drinks, fantastic food, and all of the socializing they could possibly want.
6. The scenic highlands and beautiful vistas, with a natural beauty which is untouched and pristine in most areas of the country, is one of the top reasons to choose an Iceland vacation. This is a land that is still the same in many ways as it was hundreds or even thousands of years ago. The landscapes consist of scenes and views which are incredible.
7. Iceland is a country with a large number of volcanoes, some dormant and some that are still active in a number of ways. These volcanoes are responsible for the thermal pools and the geysers, and they can make an Iceland vacation a unique experience which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Denmark For the Tourist

In the peace and quiet of this little country of Denmark, it’s difficult to imagine barbaric Vikings strutting around with their swords and spears. Tourists of all kinds will find Denmark a great destination with everything from sandy beaches, fjords and coves to scenic country side with ring forts and castles and centuries old monuments to savor. Denmark is best visited during August but April to October is quite acceptable as the weather is hospitable during this time.
Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and this city is on the islands Amager and Zealand. Copenhagen is famous for houses with spires and copper roofs and this city has even received the nickname as the city of copper roofs. Copnhagen enchants tourists with its cobbled streets and the Little mermaid that can be found at the entrance to the harbor among other things.
The city of Copenhagen is one of the most tourist friendly cities in the world and offers a lot of sights that are of aesthetic or historical value such as parks, monuments, gardens and old build buildings and as every other city famous among tourists does, Copenhagen also has its own amusement park called the Tivoli. The city has a wide network of rail links that are quite inexpensive and provide for an excellent mode of public transport for the tourist as well as the locals.
There are many tours one can take in the city of Copenhagen that includes Vikingland tour which will take you to a Viking ship Museum where samples of ships built by the Vikings are kept. The royal tour takes one to the Kristianborg palace and there is also a tour of the well known Carlsberg brewery.
Tourism in Denmark is not just restricted to the city of Copenhagen as there are a plethora of other destinations that Denmark offers. Aalborg finds itself as home to a large burial ground for Vikings in addition to an old renaissance building. There are a group of over 60 buildings here in this city that are of historical or architectural interest that have been moved in their entirety to this spot from all over Denmark.
Funen is another place that should be included on every itinerary. This place is referred to as the ‘Garden of Denmark’ as its country sides are just beautiful with ancient parks and gardens which house mansions and castles and everything else that you can relate to the times of royalty and mysticism. The main city of Funen is Odense and is named after Oden, a Norse god. This city is referred to as the ‘City of fairytales’, it’s interesting how every place in Denmark seems to have a title bestowed upon it. Hans Christian Robertson was born here in the city of Odense and the city celebrates a festival commemorating him and his works every July and August.
Kunthenborg park which is in the Lolland region of Demark is the largest park in Denmark with many species of flora and Fauna to be found here. Hammershus in Bornholm is a castle in ruins and is a tourist’s delight along with Elsinore which is the site of a great fortress called Kronborg.

How to Have a Great Vacation in Norway

Norway is Europe’s northernmost country. It is one of the most loved vacation destinations in the world. Matter of fact, a vacation in Norway has so much to offer and compete with amidst the magnificence of its neighbors. However, the dramatic landscape and northern chill provides an opportunity to engage in certain Arctic activities such as spotting whales, walruses, polar bears and meandering the fjords as well as alpine or cross country skiing.
There are lots of things to do when opting for a vacation in Norway. You can get a chance to see the Northern Lights, to stroll the streets of Bergen, to tour Urnes, Heddal and Borgund. You can also settle inside the Oslo Opera House or enjoy other cultural and traditional festivities the country can offer.
Aside from the Northern lights and midnight sun, Alpine skiing is another favorite activity in Norway. Moreover, a vacation in Norway would mean visiting places like Oslo (southeastern part of Norway; the oldest part of the city; near Akershus Castle); Narvik (Norway’s most vital iron-ore harbor; popular for its mountainous surroundings during the winter time); Tromso (the starting point of Polar Expeditions; popular for its large-sized herring fisheries, seal hunting, shipping and as the northernmost brewery in the world); and the North Cape (the known highlight of the Baltic Sea). Other known destinations include Honningsyag, Campground at Otta and more.
Then again, a vacation in Norway won’t be complete without a place to stay. One of the most noted Songsfjord Gjestehus. It is the most highly appreciated accommodation along the Varanger Peninsula. The owner actually rebuilt a small fishing village in this place. It is easy to spot due to its brightly colored houses within a snowy landscape. The place is furnished with antiques and they have an excellent chef with its unique menu of Norwegian dishes. Towns near the facility include Tana Bru and Berlevag.
A vacation in Norway offers enjoyment, relaxation and a lot of learning about their traditions and heritage. It is loved by many tourists because of the hospitality and friendly nature of the locals. Norway is definitely one country worth visiting.