Where to Find the Best Burgers in Houston

If you are a visitor to Houston, or even if you are a resident, you have to eat. There are tons of places to eat in Houston of course, but when you have a craving for a big, juice running down your chin hamburger, there are a few places that stand out above the rest. Here are a few of the places that have the best burgers in Houston for your perusal. Make sure to try them all out while you are in Houston, the burgers may even prompt you to take up residence.

The Hubcap Grill is a tiny burger joint tucked away beside the Alden Hotel in Houston. The grill opened to huge hype, and has lived up to its name by serving some of the best burgers you will ever eat. The burger is similar to a thin fast food burger style but that is where the likenesses come to a halt. The burger is cooked on a steaming seasoned grill creating a caramelized crust that is absolutely amazing. You will do well to stop by the Hubcap Grill when you are in Houston, you will regret it if you don’t.

The Wicked Whisk isn’t exactly a burger joint, it is one of the increasingly popular food trucks that pepper Houston, and other areas of America. You have to try the Texas Melt while you are there. It is a melt in your mouth burger that is a handmade Angus beef patty, topped with apple wood bacon, a dab of peanut butter, and to top it off a smidgen of homemade jalapeno jam. The burger is served on a cheddar roll. This burger is to die for, and served from a food truck; who would have ever thought that was possible?

Last but not least on the best burgers in Houston list is a place called Becks. If you are from Houston then of course, you know about this prime example of a delicious burger. The meat is high quality, freshly ground, and comes with your choice of American, cheddar, or Swiss cheese.

These and the other burgers in Houston don’t need to be missed. Come on out, and try one today.

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