Exciting Day Activities to do in Sydney

Here’s a compilation of fun day time activities that you can enjoy in Sydney. It is truly a splendid city with so much to offer to anyone and everyone who’s visiting.

The best way to Spend a Day Out in Sydney

If you have been living in Sydney for as long as you can remember, then it is a given that you might also be bored of visiting all the same places and doing all the same things during the weekend as well. Everyone craves and seeks for more unique and fun ways to spend their weekend

Day Out at Sydney Harbour

One of the most visited weekend destinations in Sydney is undoubtedly Sydney Harbour which still manages to hold many exciting things in store for you. Have you ever imagined a chance to experience a luxury lunch cruise in Sydney or an exhilarating experience of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Not only do you get a wholesome sightseeing experience but have the luxurious combination of a delicious meal freshly prepared by the experienced chefs on board along with 360° views of the harbour. This is a feature unique to this glass boat. Get on board a premium glass boat dinner cruise for a restaurant-quality cruise dining experience on the Harbour. This is the perfect opportunity to indulge in the luxury and comfort offered on this cruise. Another huge plus point is that every seat feels like a window-seat. Grab your tickets right away for the luxury cruises which promise you a once in a lifetime cruise dining experience on a Sydney lunch cruise.

Whale watching in Jervis Bay

One of the most prominent spots for whale watching is located in Sydney. This is not only a picture-perfect setting but overall a mesmerizing experience. Get a look at the majestic humpback whales as you cruise past the amazing sea caves and rugged cliffs. One of the most important things that you should carry with you is, without doubt, a camera! Be sure to capture all the spectacular sights of the whales swimming in the water along with a variety of other memorable sights.

Food and wine tours in Sydney

Looking for a place with intriguing culinary trends? Sydney is the perfect place for you to visit. It is a place that is famous for its splendid wine regions as well. Hunter Valley is a must-visit wine region in the city. It is an important region where you will have a memorable wine tasting tour. The Hunter Valley is home to many wineries and lush vineyards. Be sure to visit any of the amazing vineyards at the Valley and indulge in scrumptious gourmet food and wine in an extremely cozy ambience. You can also head to the distilleries here including the famous Archie Rose Distillery to taste their proclaimed on-site gin, whisky and vodka. This distillery in the Hunter Valley is a must-visit as it is one of the oldest distilleries in Sydney opened some 160 years back.

Abseiling and rock climbing at Katoomba

Are you looking forward to some adventure? Go to the Blue Mountains and experience Katoomba rock climbing and abseiling for a perfect adrenaline fix. Start your day with abseiling at a 5-meter cliff and later a 40-meter high cliff in Katoomba. Next, head over to the Megalong Valley and the Blue Mountains to soak up all the incredible views. Explore other parts of the Mountains after Katoomba such as the world-famous Jenolan Caves and the picturesque Grand Canyon walk. Blue Mountains has many amazing restaurants that serve sophisticated dining experiences. If you wish to get away from the buzzing city for this weekend, the Blue Mountains is definitely the best option to consider.

And there you have it! An interesting list of places that strictly steer clear of clichéd tourist experiences! So, is it the weekend yet? Pack your bags for an exciting experience in Sydney right away!

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