A Food Trip through Dubai

Believe it or not!! Dubai has everything bigger, better, dazzling and outrageous. From classic bites like Moutabal and Tabbouleh to unique camel burger, you can relish your taste buds with a wide variety of diverse foods.

With cheap flights to Dubai, make your way to the food paradise. While walking through the narrow alleys of the city, you could easily smell the aromatic herbs and spices. Start your culinary journey in Dubai with the following authentic dishes and discover the delicious food of the vibrant city of United Arab Emirates (UAE).

1) Al Harees: Al Harees is one of the most popular and ancient dishes served in Emirati Kitchen. This dish literally takes hours to make, but the ingredients used in it are simply incredible. Usually it is served during important family gatherings, particularly in the Holy month of Ramadan. It is prepared by putting wheat in slightly salted water for a few hours. Then meat (lamb or chicken) is added and cooked for at least four hours. It is served with a spoonful of ghee on the top.

2) Mehalabiya: It is a refreshing pudding that tastes like an oasis of flavors. It is a traditional Arabian dessert prepared with ingredients like sugar, milk, rosewater/orange blossom, ground cardamom, shredded coconut and ground pistachios. Filled with aromas and flavors, it is one of the favorite dishes served in the Holy month of Ramadan. This creamy dessert made with a mixture of sugar and milk, thickened with cornstarch and cooked for a few minutes and served cold. It is not too sweet and a perfect after-diner.

3) Lahm Bi Ajin: Lahm Bi Ajin is a typical Lebanese version of meat pie. It can be compared to the Turkish Lahmacun. Served as an appetizer, it is better referred to as the Arab Pizza. A perfect dish for the people who love spicy food and one of the best street foods in Dubai.

4) Al Machboos: It is considered as one of the famous dishes of Dubai. Al Machboos consists of rice, meat and onions, seasoned with salt, spices and dried loomy (type of lemon). It cooked in a large pot until the meat is tender and served with raita and salad. Though simple and unsophisticated, this dish is simply feels like heaven.

5) Manousheh: If you are looking for Dubai specialties then you must try Manousheh. It is a typical Lebanese breakfast dish found in corner bakeries all over the country. Its simple versatility makes it the cherished “National pie of Lebanon.” A simple disc of dough is pressed flat and baked with a topping of zaatar. Zaatar is basically a mixture of so many different flavors, fragrances and textures including sumac, thyme, sesame seeds and oil. It is topped with Akkawi cheese. It is suitable pick for a flavorsome breakfast!!

6) Shirin Polo: Also known as Javaher Polo or jeweled rice, Shirin Polo is traditional Persian Jewish rice dish served commonly on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and holidays. This dish is typically consisting of jasmine or basmati rice cooked in a unique method with sweet carrots, pistachios, candied citrus zest, and raisins. There are different recipes for Shirin Polo, some with more ingredients than other and some sweeter than others. It is a fantastic vegetarian dish.

7) Baba Ganoush: It is a Middle Eastern Dip like hummus. Made up of smoked eggplant, it has complex flavors and is typically served with a veggie platter, pita bread or mezze platter. It is made up of simple 5 everyday ingredients: Eggplant, Garlic, Salt, Tahini Paste, and Lemon juice. Some people also add onions, tomatoes and olive oil too. While holidaying on next vacation to Dubai, must try this Levantine dish!!

8) Taboon Bread: Taboon or lafah refers to a Levantine flatbread which is baked traditionally in a taboon oven or tannur. The bread tastes extra delicious when served with olive oil and thyme. It is used to wrap shawarma and quite often served with falafel and hummus on the streets of Dubai. It is accompanied with several other dishes too.

9) Kellaj: It is a perfect pick to satisfy your small hunger. Kellaj is an authentic Dubai dish that has stayed one of the top-rated dishes in Dubai for some years. It tastes well when it is served hot!!

10) Luqaimat: Luqaimat is one of the most popular dessert made in the month of Ramadan. These are small sweet dumplings made of sugar, flour, saffron, butter milk and cardamom. Once you taste it, you will eat more and more.

Whether you are looking for something spicy or something sweet or places to visit in Dubai, Dubai got you all covered!!

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