Vacation Spots in Texas – Consider the History

When you are trying to find the perfect vacation spot in Texas then you should check out the rich history. To ignore what makes the state unique for awesome night life and lots of modern comforts would be a travesty.

Six flags is not just an amusement park. It actually refers to the rich history that can be found in the many vacation spots in Texas. The state, over the course of its history, actually belonged to six different nations: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, The United States, and the Confederate States. Each of these flags is still flown in Austin today. Because of its rich history there are lots of places to see during your stay.

One of the more historical vacation spots in Texas is probably the well-known Alamo. Located in the hill country of San Antonio, this mission was the site of one of the bloodiest battles in the Mexican War when the state was fighting for its freedom. It was originally constructed as a mission where missionaries and their Indian converts lived but was decommissioned as a mission within 75 years. It went on to be a strong hold during the war with Mexico. Although the men who were defending the former mission were ultimately defeated by Santa Ana and his army it is still considered a historic tribute to the lives of those who died there, ordinary men who were simply trying to defend their home.

Sometimes a historical location doesn’t have to be that of a great battle. Another popular vacation spot in Texas is the ghost town of Shafter. This town was named after General William Shafter and was a successful silver mining town. Unfortunately over time the mine dried up and when it did so did the town. The buildings are still there and in use at times but it has become a living ghost town and is popular with tourists. Not only is its history a popular with those interested in mining history, the town has been used as the location of the classic movie the Andromeda Strain.

Still looking for more historical vacation spots in Texas there are several forts to check out. Fort Davis and Fort Leaton are both close enough to one another that you can take in both. Fort Davis dates back to the pre-civil war days and was constructed to protect the Overland Trail to California. It’s a wonderful spot to see what a pre-civil war cavalry fort looked like. Fort Leaton is located by the Rio GrandeArticle Submission, which is the border between the United States and Mexico. At this fort you’ll get to tour the historic adobe building and see what it was like during the Indian trading post days.

When choosing one of the vacation spots in Texas don’t count out the historical aspect. While it might be fun to hang out at the beaches of the eastern coast there is a lot to see and do in the historical areas. You’ll get to learn a lot about history of the second largest state in the United States and get to take in the beauty of the land that most of us have forgotten about.

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