What Are The Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Detroit?

1) Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Institute of Arts is one of the famous art museums in the country. As a visitor, you can spend hours inside and outside of the museum. The marvelous architecture and many outdoor arts like the replica of Rodin’s “The Thinker” are some of the picture-perfect spots for the tourists. You will find some of the world-renowned works of artists like Picasso, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh inside the museum.

2) Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

An entire weekend is not enough to see and experience everything around this museum. The best time is late summer to the early fall to see around Greenfield Village. The village includes historic buildings, train rides, and homes which are around 200 years old. The major attraction of Greenfield village is the Thomas Edison exhibit. The Henry Ford Museum showcase some collection of automobiles, airplanes, trains, the chair of late American president Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks bus, and John F. Kennedy’s presidential car.

3) Belle Isle Island

The island is situated in Detroit river between the US and Canada. The tourists find plenty of attractions on the island which is around 3 miles in length and 1 mile in width. The island consists of a science center, beach, zoo, fountain, lighthouse, aquarium, and one of the most popular and oldest running conservatory of the United States. Enjoy the stunning views of the city and explore the striking views of the Belle Isle Park.

4) Comerica Park

Detroit Tigers, the baseball team in the city conducts various matches and is one of the top reason to visit this beautiful park but apart from it, you will find plenty of reasons. Learn the history of baseball in the museum located inside the park. You can also praise and enjoy some of the stars who achieved the title “Walk of Fame”. Ferris wheel of around 50 foot, center field water fountain and the merry-go-round are some of the other attractions which attract tourists every year.

5) Detroit Masonic Temple

This classic Gothic architecture was built with Indiana limestone in the year 1926. It is one of a kind and largest temple in the world. The temple divided into three major sections such as the ritual tower, the auditorium, and the Shrine. The temple hosts many concerts and events. If you are planning a tour inside this impressive temple, book your reservation in advance.

Detroit city is the hub of artists and antiques who make the energy of the city alive. Many cafés, museums, and market places are the best places to find these artists. The tourist interventions made Detroit the hub for young entrepreneurs who like to invest and build companies inside the city. This increases the availability of new job opportunities for the younger generations.

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