Interesting Destinations to Visit in Ukraine

Ukraine, one of alluring holiday destinations in the world, is known for its unexplored loveliness. If you have planned your vacation to this magnificent place, you will definitely be left astonished since the mind blowing beauty and well-known places to go to in Ukraine are unique. You will have a delightful holiday because every moment of your vacation has something new to explore in Ukraine. Ukraine is Europe’s biggest country and has beautiful mountains, rich culture and inheritance, remarkable architectural monuments and the active city life where you will make the most out of your trip. A few of the popular and interesting places to go to in Ukraine are the cities of Sevastopol, Chernigov and of course the incredible capital. Kiev is one of the best and highly interesting places in Ukraine. Here are a few wonderful places to go to in this astounding country: – Kiev: Kiev is the most interesting place in Ukraine since it has many historical landmarks. St. Sophia Cathedral, built in the 11th century, is worth go toing and is an oldest church in this city. You will be surprised to see the country’s finest and lovely mosaics and frescoes that decorate this old church. – Lviv: The city of Lviv is popular for its rich heritage and amazing architecture that reveals the art of Gothic to the present age. It is the capital city of West Ukraine. It is blessed with architectural monuments and the famous tourist site is the Old Town, the 19th Century Town and many 16th and 18th Century monuments that add charm to the architectural art and craft. – The Carpathian Mountains: Ukraine is blessed with huge and gorgeous Carpathian Mountains that add to the natural beauty of this country. There are many well-known resorts in the laps of nature and one of the excellent is Yaremche resort. You can experience the real extravagance by hiking to the alpine meadows loaded with fresh berries and pleasing waterfall “Huk”. Besides the extravagance and fun, the architectural attraction is Yamche which is really mindblowing. To feel actual peace and harmony, Kosiv is a wonderful place located in-between the mountains of Hutsulshchyna. – Hotyn: Your holidays are undone if you don’t go to the glorious fortress of Hotyn. This attractive fortress depicts the legends of the historic period. – Kamyanets-Podilsky: This alluring town of the 11th century is located at the rock island in Ukraine. This awesome stone castle with nine towers astonishes the tourists since they can explore the true beauty of the ancient art. Castles are open to tourists and you can enjoy the scenic attraction of town and countryside from these lovely castles. You can enjoy traveling to Ukraine during the spring season when the climate is nice and apt for all age groups. Moreover, the delicious varieties and a great variety of tasty dishes will fill your appetite as there are many restaurants in this wonderful country. The local Ukrainian food, Chinese and Spanish cuisine and other delicacies will surely steal your heart away. Value your memories forever as Ukraine fills you your holidays with pleasure and delight.

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