10 Perfect Places in Canada to Visit With Your Best Friends

A visit to Canada is sure to make you fall in admiration of its alpine towns, acclaimed national parks, cosmopolitan cities, culture, cuisine and warm friendliness of the locals and encourage the inner adventurer in you to try out some exciting outdoor activities. Explore the vast diversity of Canada with these 10 not to miss places that are best experienced with your best friends.

Glaciers, emerald lakes, magnificent mountains, wilderness and classy cities – Canada is a scenic treasure for travelers and an alluring destination for exciting scenic getaways. But that is just one side of this vast destination, right from east coast to west coast, Canada is filled with pristine sceneries and vibrant cities along with a vast range of outdoor adventures that makes it a perfect escape for travel enthusiast.

A lively west coast harbour city in British Columbia, Vancouver is one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities. Set amid mountains and waterways, Vancouver invites all those who pursue outdoor activities, nature and adventure. It is a metropolitan city with a thriving art, theatre and music scenes. A city where nature mingles with art and adventure- the dramatic sceneries, internationally renowned cultural events, exceptional culinary treats and a variety of sporting and adventure activities will surely get you to fall in love with this place.
An integral part of the Canadian Rockies, Banff is set in Alberta, a resort town with glacier lakes, stunning wilderness, flower filled landscapes and spectacular rugged mountains. The pristine natural beauty of the place is captivating and takes you through breathtaking vistas. The town also hosts winter and summer activities like water rafting, golfing, hiking, bird-watching, mountain climbing, canoeing, skiing, fishing and much more.
Set to the north of Vancouver, Whistler is a place where you can pump up your adrenaline and venture on an adventure journey. It is presumed as Canada’s premier year-round destination and has an impressive mountainous vista which blends blissfully with the surrounding forested valleys, rivers and lakes. This pristine yet vibrant town is host to a variety of international cuisine, arts and cultural activities, wellness spas , entertainment venues and is known for its countless outdoor adventures such as skiing, snowboarding, golf and mountain biking.
A cosmopolitan city with soaring skyscrapers set amid brilliant natural panorama in every direction, Calgary is a major hub for shopping, entertainments and lively events and is always buzzing with excitement. The city has a brilliant balance of unmatched natural vistas and sizzling cultural scene that makes it a perfect place for artsy as well as nature travellers.
The city of Montreal harmoniously blends French and English essence along with American hues that gives you an exceptional glimpse into European and American culture. The city preserves its old world charm as it transforms into an energetic urban city. The culinary scene is famous and is a place where creativity is presented at its best. A visit to Montreal would let you take in the both sides of the world with loads of activities and experience that you will cherish for the lifetime.
This diverse city sprawling along Lake Ontario’s north western shore offers its visitors exposure to multi faced culture. Strolling down the streets, you can hear a variety of languages and faces of different countries. One of most culturally diverse cities in the world, Toronto takes you through an exciting journey where you would meet different people with diverse nationality. A great place for nature lovers, as the city is abundant in green spaces and lakeside waterfront.
Quebec City
Seeped in rich history which reflects on its quaint architecture and ambience, get ready to experience the lost European era as you stroll through the cobbled streets of Quebec. This walled city is filled with the French European aura and rustic 400 year old stone buildings conserved at its very best and offers you a chance to experience the elegance of modernity amid old world charm.
Niagara Falls
The majestic falls that spread across the two countries – USA and Canada has tourists flocking over to see this spectacular nature’s beauty. The horse shoe falls – the cascading fall’s most expansive stretch is a spectacle to watch. The day time gives you the chance to watch this powerful falls tumbling massively into abyss; at night the scenery glimmers up with varied color lightings that sway on the falls. Any visitor travelling to Canada has to stop by the Niagara Falls to truly complete their Canadian vacation.
Another treasure of the Canadian Rockies, Jasper is an alpine town in western Alberta and is surrounded by abundant wildlife, glacier lakes and verdant forests. The Jasper National Park is a blissful nature’s haven and offers a diverse heart thumping experiences like river rafting, canyoning as well as relaxing times with fantastic views of the glaciers and a tranquil time at hot springs.
Canada’s capital city, Ottawa is a riverfront metropolitan city with a touch of Victorian aura. The city is known for its architectural structures, national buildings and world class museums and galleries, gardens and wide, open public spaces. As the city is culturally diverse, the culinary aspect gives you a plethora of excellent dining options with delectable mix of flavors and aromas from around the globe. The Rideau Canal – the largest skating rink in the world is a spectacular spot for outdoor enthusiasts in winters and the summers here are fresh and vibrantly colorful leaving you smitten in awe at the nature’s wonder.

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