Oxford – One of the Most Important Cities in UK

Oxford is a city that is located in the South Eastern Britain. The rivers Charles and Thames flow through this city. There are buildings which displays various aspects of the British Architecture. The Oxford is also famous for ‘Oxford University’ which is known as the world’s topmost university. This city is also famous for its wine brewing and Cinema. The famous BMW car company has its manufacturing plant situated here.

University Of Oxford:

It is the one of the world’s leading universities and is the oldest university in English Speaking countries. This university has a long list of alumnus who has secured the top positions in many fields. These people have pioneered success in their fields through the sheer hard work and dedication that is taught here. Many previous students of this university have been awarded Nobel Prize.

This University disintegrated due to some internal clashes between the students and the Oxford locals.

The City Center:

This city center attracts a large number of crowds from all over the city. It has several recreational centers, theatres and many shopping complexes. The historical buildings are the location for several films and TV Shows.

Blackwell Bookstore:

This bookstore is owned by Blackwell Limited which is one of the largest book publishers in the England. The company claims to have around 100000 books on different topics. This bookshop attracts tourists from all over the Britain and is an ideal place to spend some time.

Christ Church Cathedral:

This cathedral is located in the University Of Oxford. This cathedral is one of the finest examples of the British Architecture.

Ashmolean Museum:

Ashmolean Museum of art and archaeology is the museum that is mainly an art museum that is situated ion the University of Oxford. It has several numbers of artifacts and sculptures that belong to the Medieval Times and the Renaissance.

In an all Oxford is one of the most important cities of UK in terms of economy, education and tourism.

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