Visit Nicaragua and Panama

Central America offers tourists with a number of beautiful countries to visit. Here we will go over the beautiful countries of Nicaragua and Panama.

About Nicaragua

The biggest country in Central America is probably the least visited but with many volcanoes, amazing beaches and great colonial architecture, it is really worth visiting.

Nicaragua has preserved it’s authenticity without being overloaded by tourists. It is the largest country in Central America, Nicaragua can provide lots of natural and cultural gems, proof of a violent but interesting history. On it’s Pacific, where the majority of the population live, the main colonial influence had been Spanish, whilst the Caribbean coast had been ruled by the British. With it’s many volcanoes and their massive Lake Nicaragua, the Pacific lowlands region is beautiful. The incredible Ometepe Island, which sits in the lake, is the largest freshwater island on the planet, dominated by the stunning volcanoes. In other places, in the city of León you will discover lots of amazing colonial buildings, while the beaches down the Pacific are peaceful and also ideal for various water sports. Just off the Caribbean coastline, the beautiful Corn Islands has amazing beaches and clear and blue seas now make them a perfect vacation spot for snorkeling.

Things to do in Nicaragua

Go up the incredible Cerro Negro, the largest volcano in Nicaragua.

Hire your own personal island, full of a luxurious villa, boats and also staff at the incredible Little Eden Cay.

Check out Orinoco throughout November for the incredible Garifuna festival where you can enjoy live music, dancing and eat lots of food.

About Panama

Panama has much more than just a canal. Panama features stunning jungles, busy beaches, large cities and intriguing cultures. The amazing coastlines has an assortment of exotic wildlife. You are able to visit jungle communities, or spend time on a beautiful uninhabited island. Furthermore, in spite of a lot of recent developments, the nation maintains critical eco-tourism credentials because there are vast stretches of perfect tropical jungles teeming with various monkeys, jaguars, bears and much more types of bird than any place else on earth.

Things to do in Panama

Enjoy tribal life by hopping in a canoe to get to a real Emberá village.

Go hiking in the untamed Darién Province.

Visit the various islands such as the beautiful Isla Coiba where tourists can enjoy sparkling white sand and azure waters.

Visit the Parque Nacional Volcán Barú for amazing scenery, old towns and also the only volcano in Panama.

Swim in two oceans in a day. Panama is simply 50 km wide, which means tourists can swim in the Pacific and the Caribbean.

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