Top Nature Explorations for Your Costa Rica Vacation

Explore the natural wonders of Costa Rica, from active volcanoes to beautiful beaches, there is so much to discover. Take a look at some of Costa Rica’s top travel destinations with this article written by a Costa Rica travel expert.

Costa Rica may be the second smallest country in Latin America but travelers won’t be disappointed with the abundance of natural wonders and beautiful beaches this little piece of paradise offers. With over 800 miles of coastline, active volcanoes, and a lush rainforest, Costa Rica is a dream for nature lovers and anyone who appreciates natural beauty. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach vacation or to explore the terrains of this diverse country, the options are endless. Discover some of the most beautiful places on earth on a Costa Rica vacation.

On your trip to Costa Rica visit the Monteverde Could Forest, atop the Continental divide this forest sits at the meeting point for the vast ecosystems of the North and South, creating climatic and geographic factures unlike any other. Temperatures and humidity gradients drastically change over short distances and make exploration of this forest a truly unique experience. Explore the Monteverde Cloud Forest, in the early morning or at dusk, when the forest is full of life, as most of the forest’s inhabitants are nocturnal.

Venture to the world famous, Tortuguero National Park, only reachable by boat, this beautiful area is a nesting spot for turtles. Located within a maze of canals, lagoons, and mangrove swamps, the Tortuguero National Park is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including the endangered manatee. Get the chance to see the world come to life on an early morning boat tour through what is considered one of the country’s most important wildlife refuges. Hiking throughout the park is also recommended, tours go to Tortuguero hill, which provides spectacular views of the entire park.

Another stunning sight you don’t want to miss on your Costa Rica trip is the Arenal volcano, explore the lush forests in the area and take in this beautiful volcanic landscape. The western side of the Arenal is active, providing small daily eruptions, which are safe to view from designated spots. Take a hike on the Toucans Trail, which passes through the lush rainforest and takes hikers over a large lava flow. Be amazed by the plants, lava rock formations, and diverse wildlife found here, as well as the spectacular views of Lake Arenal at the end of the trail. At the end of the day relax in one of the many natural hot springs, and review all of the wonders witnessed throughout your day.

Costa Rica provides travelers beaches, mountains, lush forests, and active volcanoes, and is a destination you don’t want to skip on your South America vacation.

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