California – Simply The Best

California today is considered by many to be one the best and richest states in the USA. The first inhabitants of California developed a good way of living in the Mountains and also in the Eastern Seaboard and the Desert in the South.

Spain took over the California zone when they arrived in the Americas, but their conquest foundered due to lack of population numbers. Then after Mexico obtained it’s independence, California’s citizens spent three decades and appeared to have a poor future so people from all over the world were invited to come there, until America took control of the state.

There was a subsequent influx of miners, thanks to the Gold Rush and others were redirected towards farming, trade and business. The population continued to grow after the Gold Rush. There is no lack of opportunities and it is now a mix of ethnicity and incomes, hopes and desires and fulfilling multiple aims in life.

One of the seats of the State was in Benicia Capitol State Historic Park in the middle of the 19th Century. The whole building has been refurbished and restored, but some of the things there like a long pine tree, the desks (three of which originally belonged to the Benicia) are furnished with candlesticks, a 19th century Newspapers, hollow pens and top hats etc.

The second oldest building in California is in El Presideo De Santa Barbara State Historic Park. It was here that the Spanish Presidents used to reside. Built in 1782, now it is surrounded by modern buildings. This was used as an army base near Los Angeles. Soil bricks were used to reconstruct the Padres’ Quarters and Presidio Chapel.

In Jamestown, adjoining South Sonora, you will find the Railtown 1897 State Historic Park. The Railway Company began locomotives here in 1897 with steam engines, which were later replaced by Diesel engines in 1950.

In summer times old steam engine rides are still available for the tourists in the Sierra foothills of Gold Country and blacksmith shops (weekends only), a gift shop, picnic areas and a slide program.

At this place a battle between Californios and Dragoons, was fought. In its memory stands, 50 acres, San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park. The Californios took over the California State. Its Museum still shows the video of that historic battle.

Oldest continuously used Chinese Temple in California is in Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park. The Temple was built in 1874 and the armory used in the 1854, Tong War is displayed here.

This Taoist Temple displays a beautiful look. The State Government started looking after it from 1956. The “Chinese Lion Dancer’s Headdress” was brought back and is now on display at the visitor center.

Napa Valley Wine Train is a lavishly restored 1915 Pullman lounge and dining car. Spectacular Napa Valley will ensure that you love the journey.

Well you just have to go to California to see all that.

2 thoughts on “California – Simply The Best

  1. “Tuesday, March 8, 2022-YES…CALIFORNIA; with the SONG-TUNE…Going to California, by The Great British Rock Band…Led Zeppelin!!! EXCELLENT STATE; and 2nd Largest, Alaska/1st-California/2nd-Texas/3rd-Montana-4th, ETC!!! Y’ALL KNOW WHAT? When I was YOUNG/I was Born in 1958; in 1979…and Before..ALMOST EVERYONE WANTED TO GO TO CALIFORNIA!!! So I did JUST THAT in May 1979…and AFTER that VISIT; AGAIN in 1980, 1982, 1985, 1998 TO 2002!!! The BEAUTY of ALL of CALIFORNIA, U.S.A., IS WELL; Y’ALL HAVE TO SEE IT, TO BELIEVE IT!!!” Later, Brian CANUCK-THE BREEZE Murza, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.


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