Best Tourist Attraction In UK

1.The Roman Baths


”The Roman Baths” has to be one of the most famous attractions in the United Kingdom for tourists to travel to. It is resided in the middle of the City of Bath amongst the bustling shopping streets but still doesn’t look oddly placed. Rather, it brightens up your time spent at Bath as you look around for some shopping or window shopping in the wonderfully cultured shops and stores.

The Roman Bath charms more than a million tourists every year! So, the Roman Baths is a must to be on your list of places you should visit. The best way to find out exactly why it’s so popular is by actually visiting this beautiful world heritage city.


It basically is an extensive bath that was created from a spring that was discovered in 836 BC. The Romans decided to construct a temple encompassing the spring and it turned into a public bathing area! It took a lot of work to keep it maintained as it was first built and that is the reason why one absolutely should visit!

Fortunately, the Roman Baths are open every day excluding for the 25th and 26th of December!

and their usual opening times are around 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.




The very popular tourist attraction ”Stonehenge” resides in Southern England on the Salisbury plain. Its exact location is in Wiltshire, about 3 kilometers west of Amesbury and almost 13-kilometers north of Salisbury.

According to historians it is believed to have been built around 3000BC to 2000BC, It is a prehistoric circular stone masterpiece, constructed of gigantic sizes of stones, mounds, and ditches, it is said to be one of the most famous historic wonders of the world. Stonehenge is basically the ruins of a ring of stones that stand upright on the ground. probably constructed in stages spanning at least500 years, this grand monument is a massive historic site. It is the most mysterious wonder of the world. The immense size and majesty of the monuments attract tourists throughout the globe. The estimated amount of 800,000 tourists visit Stonehenge per year, which makes it amongst the most visited historic sites in the UK.


3.Lake District National Park


The Lake District was established in 1951 and its size is 885 square miles (2,292 square kilometers). It covers nearly one percent of all the land area in Great Britain. The beauty of it has long fascinated personalities from beyond the isles and throughout British society. The well-known Literature legend William Wordsworth also wrote a Guide to the Lakes in the year 1810.


This place is a piece of good news to the hill walkers as The Lake District is home to England’s highest peak. The beauty of the mountains there is what makes it worth the visit. The best thing about The Lake District is its rich heritage. It possesses richness in its cultural heritage. Almost 6,000 archaeological sites and monuments are recorded, which includes 5,000-years old Roman roads, stone circles, and traditional country estates. Around 40,000 people have inhabited the Lake District, and they value its sole cultural traditions.


4.The Tower Of London


What’s the point of visiting London if one is not planning on seeing The Tower of London. It is a  ”must-see” on any visit to London. The only drawback would be the long queue to enter through its gates as it is an extremely high rated attraction, so don’t be mad at the lengths of the queue because it is worth it. If one is willing to spend more time inside, a London Pass is what they need for a fast and “free” entry (the pass is said to be a little expensive but the good thing is that it covers the entry to the Tower and nine other popular tourist attractions). People love to visit it again and again.


Something that makes it literally the best is TheBeefeaters. They are dressed in their traditional colorful uniforms. They act as guides for tourists telling some grim and some extremely fascinating stories about the history of the Tower.

TheBeefeaters don’t just act as tour guides but they also are essentially the soldiers and Royal guards at the Tower. This place is also known as the home of the Crown Jewels as some very precious jewels and priceless items are kept there, under a remarkably strict security system.

The Tower also displays tremendous historical armor which is super fascinating to just look at it.

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