The Most Fascinating Highlights of London

London is one of the most wonderful cities of Europe and the whole world. Being the capital of Great Britain, the city is located on the banks of the River Thames. The city has a population of around 9 million inhabitants. This makes London the largest city in Europe and one of the most important political, cultural, and economical centers.

Hosting a large number of remarkable sites, several tourists who travel to England would begin their trip by spending some time in London. today we would be highlighting some of the most remarkable sites of London.

Big Ben

One of the popular landmarks of London, the famous Big Ben Clock started indicating the time for the people for the first time in 1856. Big Ben was in fact named after Benjamin Holt, a famous Welsh civil engineer and politician who acted as the First Commissioner of Works in Great Britain at the time. He also supervised the process of the construction of the famous Big Ben, commonly included in various tours to England.

Big Ben weighs more than 12 tons and it was positioned on top of the Tower of London. This wonderful structure is considered to be the most famous time measurement tool in the whole world. Travelers who come from all over the globe to enjoy their vacations in England would surely pay Big Ben a visit. Big Ben is actually startling being 320 feet in height. The larger hand of the clock is 14 feet in length, while the shorter hand is around 9 feet. Big Ben is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List of sites.

The British Museum

The British Museum is one of the largest and most important museums of human history and heritage in the whole world. The museum hosts more than 13 million displays from all the regions and the continents around the globe. The museum welcomes hundreds of tourists who visit England every day.

Among the most interesting sections of the British Museum of London is the department specified for displaying the exhibits of the Middle East. Since Great Britain occupied a large section of Africa and Asia, the museum has quite a remarkable collection of displays from Egypt and Sudan including some notable ancient pieces.

The Piccadilly Square

The Piccadilly Square is among the most popular in London. No traveler who tour England would ever pass the chance to explore this old square. Established in 1819, the square today hosts many stores, shops, markets, cinemas, and theatres. This is in addition to huge screens, two large fountains, and many cafes and restaurants. Reaching the square is easy via public transportation and like the metro and the buses of London.

Buckingham Palace

One of the most remarkable historical sites of London, the Buckingham Palace was established in 1703 to later become the residence of the royal family of Great Britain. Today, the palace is considered among the most popular touristic sites that grab the attention of thousands of travelers who spend their holidays in England. With its charming architectural elements and layouts, the palace has more than 775 rooms, 52 royal chambers, 188 rooms specified for the employees of the palace, and more than 90 offices. There are certain sections in palace that tourists who spend their vacations in England are allowed to enter.

London Eye

London Eye was established in 1951 with the celebration of the Britain Festival. This huge wheel is 135 meters in height and has a diameter of 120 meters. London Eye allows tourists who enjoy their trips in England to view all the most wonderful highlights of the city while sitting in one of the 32 cabins of the wheel that revolves slowly around its axis.

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