5 Hot Backpacking Destinations you Don’t Want to Miss

For backpackers just setting out, the world is your oyster. There are so many beautiful and fascinating places to visit, many wish they could continue travelling forever. Every few years there are a number of backpacker destinations that become the new ‘hot’ spots for young wanderers to visit. Some of these popular spots have seen massive growth over the last couple of years, becoming must-see destinations and great places for meeting like-minded people and future travelling companions.

Here are five hot spots you should consider when planning your next trip.


Bogota, the vibrant capital of Columbia, has built an enviable reputation for itself as a city of music. With all-night dancing on offer, Bogota provides one of the best nights out in the world. Once you’ve recovered from the party, head to The Lost City. This awe-inspiring ruin is nestled away in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

South Africa

For wildlife-lovers, South Africa is the place to be. Save up for a Big Five safari as it will be the experience of a lifetime. However, natural wonders are all around: gape at the penguins in Cape Town before training up your palate visiting the famous vineyards further inland.


Thailand has long been a favourite with backpackers; it is hardly surprising given its stunning beaches, epic parties and enchanting culture. First-time visitors should definitely catch one of the Full Moon parties that bring the beaches to life once a month. However, don’t be one of those travellers who come for the parties and see nothing else. Discover the jungles, explore the cities and get to know the country better before you leave.


Nepal’s popularity has been growing over the last year as more and more people discover its gentle beauty set under the towering Himalayas. With over 130 heritage sites in the Kathmandu Valley alone, time spent here is spent well. The mountains provide serious hikers with plenty to do, but easy, shorter routes are perfect for casual visitors.

Sri Lanka

A little off the beaten, backpacker path, Sri Lanka has a wealth of culture and cuisine to offer sightseers. The island is growing in popularity, so get there first to win bragging rights for a few years’ time.

Be Prepared for your Backpacking Adventure

Travelling can be unpredictable, so it is important to have an insurance policy you can rely on. Look for specialist backpacker travel insurance that covers longer trips and the activities you want to do as a backpacker. Travel insurance policies that cover extreme sports are a good idea if you want to try out water sports or hiking in the Himalayas. Before you book anything, check that your backpacker travel insurance covers the countries you want to visit – destinations that are off the beaten track might not be included in basic policies so do your research.

Whether it’s your first time on the road, or you’re a wanderer at heart, these destinations will not disappoint. Happy travelling!

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