4 Season Surfing Safari Around the Globe

Most surfers have their favourite spots: the beaches they know like the back of their hands. However, surfing in different locations offers new challenges, as well as unique opportunities to improve, meet like-minded people and have unforgettable experiences. To make the most out of what our oceans have to offer, why not take several trips throughout the year all over the world?

Whether you’re just beginning or a seasoned expert, these destinations will keep you catching waves all year round.


The Mediterranean coast of Portugal offers a variety of conditions well suited for beginners as well as experts. Those looking for a challenge should head to Portugal in the winter months when swell size reaches the six-foot mark – it has been known to hit fifteen feet or more. If you dislike cold water, visit during the summer for smaller, three to five-foot waves.

Don’t Miss:

• Supertubos – The Subertubos beach break is at its best from November onwards providing awesome barrels. • Nazaré – This fishing village plays host to some monster waves. It is only suitable for expert surfers when the swells are large.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica appeals to many due to its clean, peaceful beaches empty of the thousands of holiday-makers that flock to other popular destinations. The Caribbean coast has a short season with waves formed in tropical storms off the coast of Mexico. Be warned – these huge swells can be tricky. Puerto Viejo has reliable surf, but you can also rely on the local jellyfish to make an appearance so keep your eyes peeled and take out annual multi trip travel insurance before you leave in case of an unfortunate encounter!

Don’t Miss:

• Pavones – Pavones offers another impressively long ride – around three-quarters of a mile – in an idyllic isolation. Best during the summer months, I advise packing a car with your board and a tent and spending a few nights here.


Avoid the tourist crowds and head to Phuket between April and October. The waves here take a little time to figure out, but your patience will be rewarded. Though Kata Beach is the centre of Phuket’s surfing culture, most of the top spots in the area are fairly quiet. It’s the ideal place if you’ve sampled classic surf destinations and want something a little different. The monsoon brings plenty of warm waves and you’ll often find yourself blissfully alone, just you and your board. Locals are friendly and happy to advise visitors.

Preparing for your Surfing Safari

No two waves are ever the same yet there are a few ways to prepare for your trip. Firstly, take out an annual multi trip travel insurance policy to cover you in case of accident or injury. Rather than scrape together a different type of cover for each of your outings, I would recommend picking annual multi trip travel insurance – it provides one simple policy for the whole year. Secondly, do your research on the typical conditions of your destination. Finally, keep your fitness up. Surf holidays can be pretty intense, so make sure you’re in good physical condition before you set off.

Are you ready to broaden your surfing horizons and discover how far you can take your passion?

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