Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy While You Explore the World

Just as truth is the first casualty of war, your fitness is often the first casualty of extended travel. Whether it’s one too many mojitos on the beach or a series of heavy Nordic stews in the fjords, it’s easy to succumb to a lethargic routine. That’s why it’s so important to keep fit and healthy whilst you explore the world. It can even be fun; jogging down a sun-soaked beach at sunset can be the perfect way to start an evening of entertainment or simply wind down for the night. So don’t panic! Here are some expert tips for staying fit and healthy while you explore the world.

Get Kitted Out

It’s important to wear the right kit when exercising to prevent accidents and maximise your performance. When travelling this can be become difficult, so it’s important to prioritise what you do and don’t need. Ditch the dumbbells, invest in a comfy pair of trainers and loose clothes and you’re all set for some exercise abroad.

Get Techy

Gone are the days of the clunky and frankly downright unreliable pedometer. There is now a whole host of superb fitness apps are available to help you keep in shape wherever you happen to be. For example, MINDBODY is a fantastic app that enables you to find an array of exercise studios in over 130 countries and territories.

If you’re not keen on the idea of showing off your talents in front of the locals, then Sweat is the app you need. Instead of heading for the local gym, Sweat has a range of 28-minute workout routines that can be done in your room with no equipment needed. The fitness technology movement is positively brimming at the moment with fantastic ways to keep in shape. Where ever you happen to be, there really is no excuse for not breaking a sweat.

Get into a Routine

Our brains are hardwired to crave routine. It’s why you hate those new “hot desks” they introduced at work and get into a fluster every time the local supermarket seems to play a game of musical food. This also means it’s really important to ensure that you allot at least a small portion of each day to keeping in shape at home and abroad.

To help make this a reality, make sure you utilise your local environment. If you’re lucky enough to be beside the sea, then make the most of it! Early morning swims are a great way to wake up and feel ready for the day ahead. Climb the local mountain or simply check if a walk could substitute taking public transport – for short trips it might even be quicker.

You Can Do It!

Above all, believe in yourself! If you follow these guidelines and get to work on a solid routine then keeping fit will become a part of your average day rather than a chore. Finally, to make sure you’re covered against the worst eventuality when exercising abroad, remember to take out comprehensive travel insurance; good luck!

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