Clearwater is a Clear Choice for Your Next Vacation Rental

When you think of Florida you may imagine all if its coastline and its array of beaches to be pretty much the same. Think again. When choosing a stretch of sand as the focus of your visit, you’ll have options galore. You probably won’t go wrong with any of them, but if you’re leaning towards the Gulf Coast rather than the Atlantic, which can be a little rough sometimes, choose a location in the heart of the action; choose Clearwater.

Clearwater is the home of some of the country’s top beaches, and is close to Tampa, Gulfport, and St. Petersburg. It’s the kind of place where you wouldn’t mind spending a few days just doing nothing, nothing that has to do with work, school, or running errands, that is. You’ll want to get busy with some fun stuff, though, like swimming, snorkeling, and anything else beach-related. Sand Key Beach is nationally-renowned for its beauty, and Pier 60 hosts a Key West-style celebration of the sunset every night. Don’t miss either of these beauties, and save some time to discover your own favorite stretch of sand as well.

Intersperse your hours spent on the water with other engaging delights, like a few nature-themed ones that will give you a glimpse of Florida’s wild side. Moccasin Lake Nature Park is a 51-acre preserve with trails, exhibits, and organized events like night hikes and a Fireside Concert Series. You’ll be able to catch glimpses of birds, butterflies, native plants, and reptiles while getting some exercise and learning about the side of Florida that exists beyond the beaches. The Botanical Gardens and the Florida Aquarium are two more of the many wow-inducing points of interest that should be on your list, so give yourself the chance to rediscover Mother Nature.

Clearwater tends to be a bit quieter than spring break favorites like Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing fun to do. Plenty of restaurants, shops, and ocean side businesses are welcoming of tourists and accommodating of all needs, so you’ll never go hungry or feel bored. Strike out on an adventure of your own design, or plan to take an eco-tour, dinner cruise, or book a spa day. Pamper yourself, indulge in a tropical drink, and certainly get your fill of fresh seafood, as this is the time to make up for all those long hours at work and diet-conscious dessert skipping.

To truly take advantage of this opportunity, you’ll want to start planning early in order to book the vacation rental that will best suit your needs and tickle your fancy. That’s right, a vacation rental will allow you to see, hear, feel, taste, and do everything that gulf coast Florida has to give. Slip away to your own space, wake up when you feel like it, walk barefoot on the beach at a moment’s notice, and feel as if the sun rises each morning for your own personal pleasure.

Around the Clearwater area, you’ll find several properties that will likely intrigue you. A restored villa, perhaps, with hard wood floors and brightly painted walls. This cheery charmer has three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a large porch with a barbeque grill, making it family-friendly without being cheesy. Modern, clean, and spare yet filled with amenities, you’ll feel right at home as soon as you walk in the door.

If Clearwater sounds like the kind of place you’d like to visit, blessed with Florida’s best features without any over the top antics, you’ve got good taste. As you’re probably not alone in your future plans, it would be best to give yourself ample time to pull everything together, so go online today, scope out a few Clearwater vacation rentals. It doesn’t really need to be said, as it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion, but enjoy your stay on the gulf coast.

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