Packing For A trip Through Ibiza

When you hear of Ibiza, what images pop up in your mind? Ancient trading? Beaches? Parties? Rain? Ibiza, like Menorca, is one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea and it sits to the left of the Mallorca Island. Also known as “Eivissa,” this island is rich in Phoenician history. Remember the Phoenicians who dominated trade in the first millennium BC?

Well it’s on this island that these same Phoenicians ran their lead, wine, and marble trade in 654 BCE. At that time, the island was known as ‘Ibossim’, and then later called ‘Ebusus’ by the early Romans. Later, the island was known for producing salt, wool, die, and fish sauce. By forming a treating with Romans, Ibiza was spared destruction and later became one of Roman’s official cities.

As you can guess, this historical tidbit makes Ibiza a fascinating place to visit and it’s current night-life seemingly attracts tourists from all over the world. International tourists visit this island to check out its most lively clubs: The Privilege, the Es Paradis, Te Amnesia, the Space, and the Pacha. All of these clubs are known for their active parties – some opening as early as eight in the morning! (Note that most shops and banks here are closed between the hours of two and four p.m. – known as the ‘siesta’.)

But that’s not all – Ibiza is the mother of ‘trance music’ – a style of music that is euphoric and melodic and that fuses the sounds of string instruments, mandolins, and soft vocals. You may have even heard some of this hypnotizing sound by artists like Solar Stone, Paul Oakenfold, Chicane, or DJ Tiesto. Lisa Lashes is a widely recognized artist within this genre too.

Traveling to this island, you’ll want to remember that you’ll be surrounded by some of the most beautiful beach spots in the world. And that’ll demand very light clothing – especially in the summer. At the most, you’ll want to bring along a light sweater for trips up into the mountain areas or at night along the island’s coasts. Either way, you’ll definitely want to dress to impress if you want to blend within the cultural trend that exists here.

Not only is this corner of the world known for it’s rich history and its high entertainment, it’s also known for its high fashion. Bright colors and prints are in!

Since you’ll spend the majority of your time here walking and enjoying the sights, pack the most comfortable pair of walking shoes that you own. Fancy dance shoes might be fine for evening fun, but most of the locals and other tourists you’ll see will stride in sandal-type footwear. Some of the streets on this island are still cobbled so if you tour the sights in anything that isn’t a flat-sole support, you might have a little trouble getting around – especially in shoes with a high heel.

But if you’re ready to hit the beaches, soaking up the sun on one of Ibiza’s many beaches unquestionably demands ultraviolet ray protection. So don’t forget the sunscreen, sunshades, or hat! If you travel during the winter months (November through February), bring your rain gear. We’re not talking about a full raincoat and boots set up – something simple like an umbrella will suffice!

Other things that you might find handy aren’t items that you’ll wear, but instead, items that you’ll use. For example, you might want to bring a camera along so that you can photograph the marvelous sights you’ll see including those party events that no one will believe happened unless you’ve captured them on film! When packing your camera, you’ll of course want to make sure that you bring along plenty of film, batteries, and repair parts in case these items are not available on the island.

Be careful though that when you do take photographs, you don’t violate any local laws or politically sensitive areas. Ask first – especially when you tour the religious sites of this land. Some belief systems don’t allow photographs and although the reasoning may not make sense to you, they make sense to the locals and you should respect the wishes of whatever rules are set in place.

In addition to a camera, you might appreciate bringing along a language translation book or an electronic language translator, as the native tongue spoken in Ibiza is Spanish. Speaking the same language as what your local hosts speak will help you in other activities available here like shopping, touring, or just speaking to a friendly passer-by. You could learn to say, “Que pasa?” for example, which means ‘what’s going on?’ or ‘what’s happening?’

You really want to bring along anything and everything that will enable you to enjoy your time here because as previously mentioned, Ibiza is a place to have fun, relax, and vacation as though you’ve never vacationed before.

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