Travel to Finland – Land of Ice and Brilliant Northern Lights

Being located at the Arctic Circle, the winters are quite long and snowy while the summer days come for a brief period say two and half months or more wherein the sun simply does not set. Both the winter and the summer seasons in Finland have an idyllic charm of their own with a special set of adventures and activities to enjoy.
Traveling to Finland during summer means you are visiting in the months of June, July and August. Long and warm sunshine filled days beckon you to enjoy all day long. You could spend an entire holiday week in Karelia in Eastern Finland and try out fishing in the Lake Pielinen, quad safari biking in the wetlands of Karelian wilderness, try your hand in cooking Karelian pasties and lots more. Most rejuvenating of them all could be the opportunity to use the spa and sauna almost free or a golf session, a canoeing trip in the lake and lots more. You could spend a few relaxed days at Lapland watching the reindeer graze across or try your hand at motoring. Embark upon a fishing trip or a hiking trip and enjoy your days in complete leisure.
If you travel to Finland in winter, you could experience a brief stay in a snow hotel which is built each year with snow. Each of the snow suites and rooms are well decorated with snow sculptures. Experience a ride in kick sledge or sauna as much as you wish and make it a point to visit the traditional villages with their rustic charm intact as well. Do make a sure shot trip to view the very famous Northern Lights which are visible in the Finnish Lapland. These lights move east to west in the form of ray or fast moving pulsing shapes. Well, if the nights are cloudless, you surely going to enjoy witnessing the best of this natural phenomenon which sets you amazed and spell bounded to no limits. Also called as the Aurora Borealis, they are most visible in the months of September, October, February and March while they appear in bright colours of green, blue, yellow, violet and even red.
As you travel to Finland and its interiors, you will find traditional villages with their marketplace, stores, churches and even farms modernized yet simple and traditional. Browsing and shopping through each of them brings in great pleasure and enjoyment as you get to know lost of information about the Sami culture and their lifestyle.
Though Finland has modernized and most of the people live in cities and towns, give them an option they would rush back to their countryside homes and cottages for a few days of idyllic peace and relaxation. Hence with no dearth of activities and places to see, Finland does prove to be a popular tourist destination.

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