How to Have a Great Vacation in Norway

Norway is Europe’s northernmost country. It is one of the most loved vacation destinations in the world. Matter of fact, a vacation in Norway has so much to offer and compete with amidst the magnificence of its neighbors. However, the dramatic landscape and northern chill provides an opportunity to engage in certain Arctic activities such as spotting whales, walruses, polar bears and meandering the fjords as well as alpine or cross country skiing.
There are lots of things to do when opting for a vacation in Norway. You can get a chance to see the Northern Lights, to stroll the streets of Bergen, to tour Urnes, Heddal and Borgund. You can also settle inside the Oslo Opera House or enjoy other cultural and traditional festivities the country can offer.
Aside from the Northern lights and midnight sun, Alpine skiing is another favorite activity in Norway. Moreover, a vacation in Norway would mean visiting places like Oslo (southeastern part of Norway; the oldest part of the city; near Akershus Castle); Narvik (Norway’s most vital iron-ore harbor; popular for its mountainous surroundings during the winter time); Tromso (the starting point of Polar Expeditions; popular for its large-sized herring fisheries, seal hunting, shipping and as the northernmost brewery in the world); and the North Cape (the known highlight of the Baltic Sea). Other known destinations include Honningsyag, Campground at Otta and more.
Then again, a vacation in Norway won’t be complete without a place to stay. One of the most noted Songsfjord Gjestehus. It is the most highly appreciated accommodation along the Varanger Peninsula. The owner actually rebuilt a small fishing village in this place. It is easy to spot due to its brightly colored houses within a snowy landscape. The place is furnished with antiques and they have an excellent chef with its unique menu of Norwegian dishes. Towns near the facility include Tana Bru and Berlevag.
A vacation in Norway offers enjoyment, relaxation and a lot of learning about their traditions and heritage. It is loved by many tourists because of the hospitality and friendly nature of the locals. Norway is definitely one country worth visiting.

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