7 Reasons Why Iceland, Land of Fire and Ice, Should Be on Your Vacation List

1. One of the reasons why an Iceland vacation is so popular, and should not be missed, is that the country is dotted with hot springs and thermal pools which are often perfect for bathing in. These may seem like an unusual contrast in areas where there is plenty of snow and ice, and they make a unique bathing attraction which brings in visitors from around the world.
2. There are a large number of both geysers and glaciers in Iceland, and these are fascinating to see. Many of the glaciers are enormous, and there are geysers that can be found in some unexpected spots. These natural formations and geyser activity may not be seen often in other areas of the world, but in Iceland they are seen very frequently.
3. Another reason that an Iceland vacation should be on your short list of possible destinations is the population of this country. The people are known to be very welcoming and friendly, yet tough and independent at the same time. Friendliness is a national attribute, and a stay in this country will make you feel right at home.
4. You can arrange for an Iceland vacation that can fit in almost any budget, from one which is small and modest to one that is large and includes a number of luxury preferences. There are many different levels and price ranges for every aspect of your stay, including your lodging, food, drinks, and others. Whether you are on a tight allowance or you have an unlimited supply of cash you can have a great time here.
5. The incredible night life in Iceland is almost unbelievable. Many of the bars and clubs do not open until midnight or later, and then they do not close until 8am or later. The visitors and locals both will go from one establishment to the next, enjoying great drinks, fantastic food, and all of the socializing they could possibly want.
6. The scenic highlands and beautiful vistas, with a natural beauty which is untouched and pristine in most areas of the country, is one of the top reasons to choose an Iceland vacation. This is a land that is still the same in many ways as it was hundreds or even thousands of years ago. The landscapes consist of scenes and views which are incredible.
7. Iceland is a country with a large number of volcanoes, some dormant and some that are still active in a number of ways. These volcanoes are responsible for the thermal pools and the geysers, and they can make an Iceland vacation a unique experience which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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