Playing Violin Can Benefit Your Children

Studies have shown that music can help stimulate a child’s brain. Children who are exposed to classical music tend to be more active and responsive and can interact very well. This is the reason why pregnant women are encouraged to play classical music before their baby is born. This can be a great start for the child’s brain development. One instrument that fits well with classical music is the violin. If you introduce violin playing to your child at an early stage, your child might have an advantage in personal and mental development.
There are many reasons why playing a violin at an early stage can be helpful to your child. It can help in your child’s brain development. With violin playing, your child will learn how to identify the right tone and pitch when he/she is playing. This may help in the increase the intelligence level of the child. This is a good exercise for the brain as it develops more skills in other areas such as analysis and abstract reasoning.
Not only can that be very helpful in the mental development of the child, playing a violin can also help in the physical development such as developing the child’s coordination skills. Just like other instruments, playing a violin requires the right coordination of the hands. In this case, the left and the right hand should coordinate well to produce great music. The left hand is responsible to finger the violin string to produce the right tone and pitch. And the right hand should bow correctly to product the right sound. The coordination of both hands is essential to produce beautiful music.
The other area that can be developed by playing the violin is the child’s emotional development. Just like with other music lessons, this can be very helpful in boosting a child’s confidence. He/she won’t be capable of playing any instrument if the child does not develop trust and confidence in his/her self. One way to step this up is to let your child join music performances. Encourage your child to do a solo performance or to join a group playing instruments.
All of these aspects will not be achievable if you are not there to support your child. These lessons can be difficult at first, but with your help and constant practice, this is very achievable. Just be supportive of your child and they may learn how to play the violin and gain some other benefits as well.

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