A Green City Is a Smart City

With the right technologies in environmental care, metropolitan areas will become more environmentally friendly and furthermore can help their local authorities and businesses to cut costs.
Rapid urbanization is a challenge for cities and megacities all over the world and especially in the Lower Gulf Region. Between three quarters and over 90 percent of the region’s population already lives in cities and the numbers are rising. About 70 percent of greenhouse gases, two thirds of the energy consumed, and 60 percent of water consumption can be attributed to cities around the world.
Most crucial in the arid Middle East is an efficient water supply. As a matter of course a reliable and safe supply of water can only be achieved by purifying drinking water and by reusing waste water.
Facing further challenges arising from demographic changes and global warming cities are forced to improve their energy consumption and the efficiency of their infrastructures. Modern technology allows sustainable cities to improve the living conditions of their residents and furthermore become more environmentally friendly.
But what does it take in order to become a green city or a smart city? Sustainability seems to be the keyword. First of all cities and communities should optimize their infrastructure and provide modern and efficient services which are justified on the needs of their residents. Intelligent traffic control systems help to keep the traffic flow and can help to reduce emissions.
The implementation of modern technologies in buildings can save up to 60 per cent of the energy used in service and maintenance of buildings. In order to assess a building’s cost effectiveness it is necessary to take into account all the costs that will arise during its lifecycle. Savings are guaranteed and will finance associated measures and assure cost effectiveness in future. Moreover modern lighting in buildings is not only energy efficient but also creates a positive atmosphere which helps to improve living quality and enables effective and creative working.
The most important factor for energy efficiency in a green city is the right solution for the entire energy conversion chain, which starts at the efficient energy generation in combined gas and steam turbines and in solar power plants. A decisive factor for sustainable urban development is intelligent conservation of energy. This allows communities and businesses to be more productive while using less energy. In Abu Dhabi a combined power and desalination plant is capable of generating approximately 5000 megawatts of electricity and around 1.4 million cubic meters of drinking water per day.

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